Bay County Courts

Bay County Court System

Bay County, MI

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The Bay County Court system is comprised of the 18th Circuit Court, Bay County Probate Court, and 74th District Court

18th Circuit Court

The Circuit Court is the trial court of general jurisdiction in Michigan. It has jurisdiction over all actions except those given by state law to another court. The Circuit Court has original jurisdiction in all civil cases involving more than $25,000, in all criminal cases where the offense is a felony or a serious misdemeanor, all domestic relations cases, and all child abuse, neglect, and delinquency cases.

74th District Court

The District Court is a trial court of limited jurisdiction. District Court has jurisdiction to issue arrest and search warrants, set bail and accept bond, conduct misdemeanor and felony arraignments, preside over preliminary examinations for felony and misdemeanor offenses outside its trial jurisdiction and perform civil marriage ceremonies. It has exclusive jurisdiction over the following types of cases:

Probate/Juvenile Court

Probate Court exercises jurisdiction and supervision in probating of wills and of the administration of estates and trusts of deceased persons by personal representatives and trustees. The Court also hears cases pertaining to guardianships; conservatorship for adults and minors; the commitment for hospitalization and or treatment of mentally ill persons, the mentally handicapped, and addicted persons.